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A truly rewarding memoir of love, prayer and courage

I couldn’t put Rinad’s book down. Her strength, tenacity, faith, and willingness to buck cultural and societal norms to be her own best advocate is such an inspiration to women and patients everywhere. Kudos to Rinad for overcoming one challenge after another with tremendous grace and fortitude.


An essential guide to navigating cancer

Take Me or Heal Me” is an absolutely essential guide for navigating through the scary and chaotic world of cancer. The author provides such detail to its readers- a must read for anyone facing this disease, or knows someone who is.

~ Amazon Customer

Incredible story – the strength of one person

I really enjoyed reading this memoir and came away from it with a feeling of admiration for the author, Rinad. Her strength in dealing with the recurring worst case scenario of “your cancer has returned” and continuing to have faith in trying new treatments all while achieving major milestones in her personal life is inspiring! I connected with her frustration with the medical industry as a whole and learning to be her own advocate, especially in some of her circumstances which included life or death decisions. Thank you Rinad for sharing your story. I think many people will benefit and learn from your book.

~ Alex


Read this book in 2 days. Rinad is an inspiration. We all have difficulties in our life. It’s how we deal with them that makes us special. Rinad is special!


Raymond N

That’s a very sad news to have heard. I wonder how she acted. I’d like to read about story; I’m sure it would be inspiring. Great review.


Seems like a very inspiring and educative story, would definitely read this!


The title of this book is captivating, your review is interesting. The book sounds inspiring to people going through hard times in life, they would learn not to give up no matter how hard it gets as Rinad did in the book.


Sometimes challenges and difficult times make you realize how strong you are. and makes you stronger and helps in self-development. though it’s not advisable to go seeking challenges like the saying goes “every disappointment is a blessing”.

TBN Publishing Agreements

Hi Rinad,
We truly enjoyed reviewing your submission, and we are interested in partnering with you here at TBN! Your words are so transparent and vulnerable, inviting readers to walk this journey with you. We appreciate how you share your personal experiences and the knowledge they have brought along the way. You have been careful to process these experiences through God’s word, which is crucial in authenticating the lessons you have learned. The Lord has given you a valuable message to encourage believers to trust in the Lord, especially in the hard times. We would be happy to partner with you in bringing your message of victory to the world!


Just finished your book last night @Rinad Bsharat! Mabrook!!! Such a compelling read and so well-written-wow! Thank you for sharing your story and all the ups and downs of your struggle; you really put things into perspective in such an honest, graceful way. I put the book down and prayed really hard for you and also thanked God you could share your very relatable struggle with faith and how you overcame your doubts.

Leah Noonan

Just listened to your interview Rinad and began to sob because your message struck a chord with me. “You can still have suffering in your life and still be blessed…” | needed ti hear that today. Congratulations on your book Rinad and thank you for sharing positivity even as you battle the darkness.


Hi Rinad,
I stumbled upon your interview on Good Morning Washington as I was flipping channels this morning. It was so fortunate to catch your interview as I was flipping channels this morning, as I don’t usually watch Good Morning Washington. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer just before Thanksgiving. I’ve had both chemo and radiation at INOVA Institute and am currently on chemo in pill form. My first head an neck scan showed very promising results with the tumors reduced in size 30-40%. It sounds like much of what you write about in your book is what I have been struggling with, as well. I’On one hand I want to focus on getting well and thinking about all the plans my family and I had thought about for the future and on the other I’m thinking that I need to put plans in place just in case the worst happens.